SMARTsleep duvet

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SMARTsleep duvet

Our duvets with smartcel™ sensitive technology - because of the use of cellulose in combination with zinc - are nourishing and gentle to the skin while you sleep.

The zinc in our duvets creates an unfavorable climate for mites which is why our duvets are highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

smartcel™ sensitive has the odor-reducing and antibacterial properties of zinc oxide.

  • Fiber based on natural cellulose
  • antibakteriell und antimykotisch wirkend
  • antibacterial and antimycotic
  • stops bacteria and odors
  • ideally suited for allergy sufferers
  • Zinc strengthens the immune system
  • Zinc oxide promotes cell regeneration
Multiple certified by hygiene experts

The University Hospital Jena has certified the materials a strong antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus.

Hohenstein Institute for Hygiene and Biotechnology: effective inhibition of the development of a mite population.

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