EURORELAX silver / carbon mattress

... because a good day starts at night.

  • antistatic
  • antibacterial / antimycotic
  • antiseptic
  • safe from mites
  • reduce pressure
  • optimal lying comfort
  • individual customization
  • free delivery
  • free disposal of old mattresses
  • no problems with mites
  • adapts optimally to your body and compensates for postural damage

Our EURORELAX mattresses have a connection for dissipating electrical currents through earthing. With this derivation of the electrical charge we additionally achieve the best antistatic properties.

Our EURORELAX feel-good mattresses are antimicrobial due to the use of silver and the perfect heat conduction of the used silver supports the optimal regulation of the body temperature.

The silver fiber is firmly bound to a polymer to form a physically permanent bond. It has been proven that silver fibers have a neutralizing effect on odors.

Carbon as a further element of our mattresses makes them resistant to microbes and odors.

The specially quilted top leads to a significantly better sleeping environment.

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Electrosmog surrounds us all


Whether radio, television or mobile phone - everything works with electricity. Surrounding us in the entire house electromagnetic fields and our body "loads up". The antistatic function of our mattress and the dissipation of electrical energy can "relax" your body during sleep.

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