Your position while sleeping is more important than you think!

headaches - stiff neck

Tense neck muscles lead to severe pain in bad posture during sleep. It is estimated that 80% of all headaches originated here. A particularly severe form is the torticollis (torticollis).

painful falling asleep of the arms

The arm hurts, is numb and stabs like a thousand needles. The cause is damage and / or irritation of the arm nerves due to misplacement of the arm or the cervical spine.

hip symptoms

Pressure due to unsuitable mattresses often causes considerable nocturnal pain in joint wear and is responsible for inflammation of the joints.

ankle pain

Varicose veins can cause swelling of the ankle, which affects sleep if the mattress does not provide even pressure distribution....

soft tissue rheumatism

Due to a bad sleeping posture shoulder and back muscles tense up. This results in a pronounced pain picture through inflammation of the muscles and nerves.

backache and lumbago

In eight out of ten people, life is temporarily affected by back problems. Back pain and immobility often worsen after the "night's sleep".

ischia annoying

Sciatic discomfort over the legs to the calf and to the foot can be very painful and last for months. A bed that promotes cramped sleeping posture often worsens this condition.

aching knees

Wear and tear of the knee joints are sensitive to pressure and touch and are prone to inflammation. A good mattress cushions the joints and protects them.

Proper storage of the body during the night is crucial for your relaxation, rest and health.


TARAS Visco Mind pillow

Neck pain and especially headaches are often a sign of that wrong storage of the head at night.

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Silver/Carbon mattress

The correct storage of the entire body and thus also of the spine are indispensable for a healthy and restful sleep.

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SmartSleep duvet

Not only ventilation and the correct temperature in the bedroom are crucial for a healthy sleeping environment.

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